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Ateco 4205 3-Piece / 6 Shape Sculpturing Tool Set

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Create detailed fondant and gum paste pieces with this Ateco 4205 3-piece / 6 shape sculpturing tool set! Made of durable, food-grade plastic for excellent reliability, these tools are perfect for forming, marking, or imprinting your figures and decorations. Whether you're making fondant ribbons, gum paste figures, leaves, or flowers, this set will help bring your artistic designs to life! Once the initial layer of fondant or gum paste has been formed and shaped, this set will help you take your designs a step further and add another dimension for a more finished look.

Each of the 3 pieces in this set has a different shape on each end to maximize the number of creative possibilities! For example, the round ball shape can be used to push out the ends of the fondant to create a clean scalloped edge, while the cone-shaped piece catches the edge of the fondant for a ruffled effect. The possibilities are endless!

Bringing you innovation and quality for over 100 years, Ateco, an August Thomsen brand, has been internationally known in the industry for creating baking tools of superior craftsmanship and design. By continually improving on tools, materials, and packaging, Ateco is dedicated to providing professional bakers with the kitchen essentials they need to succeed in an ever-evolving industry!