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Ateco Printed Canvas Pastry Cloth and Cotton Rolling Pin Cover Set

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Continuously create perfect pie crusts, fresh-made pasta, flakey pastries, classic cookies, and other dough-based delicacies with this Ateco 691 25" x 20" canvas pastry cloth with rolling pin cover! Thanks to a special release coating on the pastry cloth, this product eliminates sticking while resisting grease and moisture. Plus, with the silk-screened concentric circles and incorporated vertical and horizontal measurements, you can accurately and consistently size all your dough while also reducing waste. Made of cotton, this set is a necessity for any bakery, pizzeria, or Italian restaurant.

To create a non-stick surface for rolling dough, simply lay out the canvas cloth, rub flour into both the cloth and the rolling pin cover, and get to work! The excess flour will stay in the cloth rather than the dough, allowing for light, flakey baked goods. At the same time, the knit rolling pin cover will stretch to protect most wooden rolling pins from warping by minimizing the need for repeated washing.

This set is guaranteed to help you to reduce sticking without overworking the dough. Not only does the fabric have the necessary resistance for even rolling, it also integrates finished edges that ensure longevity and prevent fraying or tearing. When you're finished with the set, simply shake out the cloth and rolling pin cover to remove excess flour, and you're done! Store them both in a freezer to keep them chilled and ready for your next use.

Bringing you innovation and quality for over 100 years, Ateco, an August Thomsen brand, has been internationally known in the industry for creating baking tools of superior craftsmanship and design. By continually improving on tools, materials, and packaging, Ateco is dedicated to providing professional bakers with the kitchen essentials they need to succeed in an ever-evolving industry!

Cloth Dimensions:
Length: 25"
Width: 20"

Cover Dimensions:
Length: 19"
Width: 2 1/2"