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Choice Large Disposable Candy Apple Bubble

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Upgrade your candy apple service with this Choice large disposable candy apple bubble!

This plastic bubble will keep your apples fresh, protected, and professional looking for sale in your candy shops, bakeries, concession stands, and gift shops. With this candy apple bubble, you'll be able to merchandise your candy and caramel apples with ease while also showing off the delicious and tantalizing treat contained inside.

Practical Construction

This candy apple bubble features a unique bubble shape to keep the apple from sticking to the package and ruining the presentation. The packaging also features snaps that are easy to close, securing the apple inside while shutting unwanted germs and dirt out. The top of the bubble even has an indented cavity for the stick to gently rest, encasing even the inedible part of the product for maximum cleanliness.

Optimum Visibility

This disposable candy apple bubble is the perfect choice of packaging to use for retail display. With a crystal clear construction for optimum visibility, this product allows customers to visually compare all of the different types of apples you offer, making for more effective yet subtle marketing. Turn your delectable apples into decorative additions to your candy or treats counter to entice and tempt your customers!