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White Square Corrugated Uncoated Cake board

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Provide the perfect foundation for your cake or pizza with this white corrugated square cake / pizza board. The clean white color provides a professional look while not detracting attention from your cake decorations or delicious-looking pizza. The opposite side of this C-flute board is kraft and rated for direct food contact for versatility. Add this cake / pizza board to your bakery, grocery store, or market for quality cake support!

With an uncoated board, it's perfect for use when transporting in a box. The corrugated structure is strong to carry your single layer cakes or heavy-topping pizzas without bending or sinking. Designed specifically for use beneath cakes or pizzas for easy transport or display for single-service use, this board makes clean-up simple. You can throw it away after use. There are no added PFAS, which are fluorochemicals that have been linked to numerous health concerns.