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Electric Blue Cake Drip

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  • Cake Drip cakes have become the new hot trend in cake decorating. This Cake Drip from Cake Craft is the perfect consistency after only 30 seconds in the microwave and works like a charm!
  • Take your cake to the next level by adding a luxurious Cake Drip down the sides! Start by dripping Cake Craft's Cake Drip little by little around the edges. Start small to maintain control over the drips. Once you are happy with the drips around the sides of the cake, fill in the top of the cake.
  • With so many colors to choose from the possibilities are endless to personalize your cake in the perfect way! Want to add even more dimension? Try adding Cake Craft Sprinkles to the Cake Drip before it dries!
  • The bottle will last you for a number of cakes - just remember to rinse the nozzle thoroughly after!
  • Cake Drip is Not 100% Nut Free. **Please note our Chocolate Cake Drip contains an ingredient that is manufactured in another factory in which nuts are present.