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Elite Color , 2.5 g

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Elites are 100% edible powdered food coloring! You can shade, dust, paint (with alcohol, water or extract) or even airbrush with them! They are also capable of coloring CHOCOLATE, as they are fat soluble. Keep in mind, it will take more of the Elite Color to achieve desired tones.

We recommend choosing the deepest / richest tones possible (like Mona Lisa, for example) so your jar will last you much longer. Unlike Master Elites, Elite Colors are already activated. What you see in the jar is what you will get, which is why it takes MORE of the dust to achieve desired tones when mixing inside Chocolate or any other sugar medium.
Elite colors can also tint royal icing, fondant, buttercream, etc - but it will take more of the Elite Color in these mediums.