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Invertase (Fermvertase) 1 oz.

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Invertase, also known as Fermvertase, is a natural enzyme used to change fondant from a solid to a liquid. It is also used in commercial baking and candy making for moisture retention.  Adding invertase to candy recipes, such as fondant candy fillings, will result in liquifying the fondant over time. Invertase is used in candies like cherry cordials and cream eggs to make the creamy liquid center.  It can also be used to prevent crystallization in ganache centers.

Add invertase to moist fondant, and your chocolate covered creams will be creamy and smooth after they are dipped. Typical application rate is .1 to .25 percent of total.  The more invertase that is used, the quicker the reaction time (twice the invertase level will enable the reaction to take place in half the time).  Alcohol and acids can negatively impact invertase.  For this reason, it is best to incorporate all ingredients to fondant creams before adding invertase.  The liquifying process takes a few days and up to a week to happen, so plan on making candies ahead of time to allow the reaction to take place. Storing candies at room temperature will speed the process.

For maximum enzymatic activity and shelf-life, keep product refrigerated.  Recommended storage temperature is 39º - 46ºF.

Kosher certified