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Mesh Non-Stick Baking Mats,

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This silicone mesh mat will become a staple in your kitchen! Use it to line your baking sheet to reduce sticking (no parchment needed!) and help your cookies bake evenly. The texture of the mat will give your cookies a tidy woven design on the back.

  • Oven safe up to 400° F (205 Celsius), freezer safe.
  • Black food-safe silicone mesh with gray border.
  • Hand wash in warm water. Not dishwasher safe.


Rinse in warm water before first use.

Line your sheet pan with this mat and place your cut-out cookie dough directly on the mat. Do not use parchment paper or grease the mat.

Bake normally; no need to adjust baking times or temperature.

You can use this baking mat multiple times in a row before having to wash it. The mat may get warm but not hot. If you wish to make a second batch of cookies immediately after the first, just carefully remove the baking mat from the hot pan and place it on your new, cool pan and bake again!

The mat will absorb a small amount of oils/butter after each bake, so after use you will notice some grease on it. This is normal. When you are ready to wash it, you can rinse it in hot water.

For a deep cleaning, hand wash in hot water with mild dish soap and rinse thoroughly. Rinse it multiple times, because soap will get stuck in the tiny holes! Pat dry.

DO NOT CUT MATS TO FIT YOUR PANS. Encased in food safe silicone is a fine fiberglass mesh. Cutting can cause fiberglass particles to spread into the air.