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Rich's Bettercreme 12 oz. Cookies 'N Creme Oreo Whipped Icing Bag

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Add the finishing touch to your desserts with Rich's Bettercreme 12 oz. cookies 'n creme Oreo whipped icing bag! This icing is flavored with the famously delicious taste of Oreos, giving your icing a succulent flavor to enhance your desserts. This is perfect for frosting chocolate or vanilla cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, eclairs, and other specialty desserts! Plus, whipped icing yields more coverage when frosting or piping, saving you money when compared to using dense buttercream or expensive fondant. Having a perfectly premade whipped icing on hand saves on labor cost, as well as the possibility of human error happening when making your own recipe. Additionally, if you need to make a cake or a dozen cupcakes on the fly in your bakery, cafe, or restaurant, having this whipped topping ready to use is one less step to worry about.

To use, thaw in the refrigerator overnight, or for at least 8 hours. When ready to use, cut on the dotted line at the bottom of the bag. Place the cut end inside of the decorating bag with the speed icer tip. When you're finished with the entire contents of the bag, simply discard! Or, if you're only using some of the product, simply place back in the refrigerator. There is no wasted preparation or cleanup time when using this topping. One bag decorates 24 cupcakes, one double-layered 8-inch cake, or one full 1/4 sheet cake.

Originating from the innovation of non-dairy whipped topping in 1945, Rich's Products is a valued supplier in the foodservice industry. Today they offer a great selection of food products, from their famous non-dairy emulsions to baked goods, seafood, and pasta. Rich's prides itself on innovative thinking and a passion for quality, providing real-world solutions to evolving business needs. For reliable products and dedicated service, Rich's is a trusted industry leader around the globe.