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LorAnn Super Strength Flavor Oils - 1 Dram

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1 dram = about 1 teaspoon

Concentrated Versatility.  A Little Goes A Long Way!   

Often referred to as candy oils, LorAnn Super Strength flavor line is unsweetened, gluten-free, nut-free, and low-carb. Our large offering of highly concentrated flavors are 3-4 times stronger than traditional extracts, and can be used in a variety of delicious ways.

LorAnn iconic 1-dram bottle, enough to flavor 1.25 lbs. of hard candy, a standard sized cake, a batch of cookies, or 4 quarts of ice cream! For those who like variety, our 1-dram is the perfect size!  For information on usage, view LorAnn's Super Strength Flavors Suggested Usage Guide