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The Sugar Art Color Solution, 1 fl. oz

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This 100% Edible, FDA compliant, and kosher certified solution by The Sugar Art can be used with their Elite Colors or Luster Dusts to make vibrant and versatile edible paint. Useful for all kinds of treats or use as an alternative to Vodka or Everclear. In contrast with those traditional solvents, The Color Solution provides more moisture to carry your edible paint further across the surface of your treats. When painting with straight alcohol, after one stroke it is fully set up - you cannot continue carrying the edible paint. With The Color Solution, you have more "working time" and can build or blend any colors you choose!

Keep in mind, however, it will take a little longer to dry than vodka or everclear. We recommend letting it dry 20-30 minutes. Once it does dry, the edible paint is fully locked in and will not rub off!